Microwave oven with adjustable 2 kW, with rotating top and heating chamber, designed for very high temperature processes

WAVE PRO is a very high temperature laboratory oven for heat treatments, which can be customizable in dimensions and technologies installed. This oven is specially designed for the laboratories, industries and research centers.

The oven integrates temperature modulation up to 1600°C

  • Medium temperature – 200°C
  • High temperature – 700°C
  • Very High temperature – 1600°C

The process with medium and high temperatures is carried out inside the special muffle.

Technical Features
  • Maximum temperature – 1600°C
  • 2kw of microwave - adjustable power
  • High quality thermal insulation materials
  • Door locking safety switch
  • Wheeled structure with microwave chamber positioned 700 mm from the floor
  • Total dimensions: L.600 D.650 H.1300 mm
  • Color touch screen display for entering work parameters and displaying work status:
    • Radiation time
    • Radiation power adjustable between 30% and 100% with 5% increments / decreases
    • Programmed cycle start button (setting time and power)
    • Stand-by button / restart of the programmed cycle
    • Stop button of the programmed cycle
    • Manual button for activation / deactivation of the radiation
    • Microwave emission feedback at the temperature read by the optical pyrometer (setting a reading defined as the activation / deactivation threshold)
    • Possibility of activating / deactivating data sampling (with the function activated, the data read by the optical pyrometer is recorded with a one-second frequency. The recording can last 2 h and a file is created where there is a sequence of data that show the date and sampling time and temperature read by the pyrometer)
    • Possibility to download data via USB
    • The temperature read by the pyrometer is displayed
    • The power emitted by magnetron
    • The alarm of a magnetron malfunction
    • The temperature read by the pyrometer
    • The time elapsed since the start of the radiation
  • Microwave chamber:
    • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel
    • Internal dimensions 400X400 X H 350 mm
    • Internal useful dimension 300X300 X H 250 mm
    • Containing radiolucent insulation walls from at least 15mm
    • Partially adjustable optical pyrometer positioned on the roof of the chamber
    • Chamber type: with rotating plate and non-watertight
    • 2 microwave units of 1 KW each
    • Launch interface between wave guide and chamber made of Teflon-coated fiberglass
    • Two holes on the side walls for the introduction / extraction of inert gases consisting of a stainless-steel tube terminated by a 3/8” thread
    • Arrangement to accommodate silicon carbide plate
    • Arrangement to accept crucible with silicon carbide
    • Stainless steel closing door (with hinges, handle and safety magnetic contacts) with a small section made of shielded glass with Faraday cage to allow inspection.

WAVE PRO ovens can be used in various heating treatments such as Food, Plastics, Rubber, Wood, Chemical & Pharma, Glass and Resin etc.

Technology Benefits
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Uniformity of temperature inside the chamber throughout the process
  • Quality of the Oven
  • Adaptable to all customer needs
  • User Friendly & Compactness
  • Plug & Play
  • Instant switching ON & OFF Microwaves
  • 100% safe during use
  • Single-phase power supply (with earth connection cable) of 230 Vac, 50 HZ
  • Total installed power: about 3kW
  • Certification: CE
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